Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Video: Clerico's shifting focus...

Posted by Julian Campbell, Buyer

Not so long ago, Luciano Racca, from Domenico Clerico, came to see us. It was a short while before we started what has become our biggest and most successful  Italian En Primeur campaign to date.  Having tasted the whole gamut, it is now quite clear that the 2007s across Piedmont are nothing short of sublime. They combine intense fruit profiles with high-toned aromatics, sumptuous ripe tannic structures with fresh acidities. They really do have everything going for them, and anyone with a serious interest in fine wine to lay down, Barolo lover or not, should probably have at least one case in their cellar. (yes I know we are bound to say that, but in all honesty, it is true!)

Domenico Clerico's wines have long enchanted us. They have a certain magic and are undoubtedly some of the most characterful in all of Piedmont. Indeed they share this in common with their maker. They have always appealed to lovers of big bold Barolo, parading huge fruit profiles and luscious textures, whilst never losing their all important sense of place; for all the inherent `Clerico` style to the wines, they never seem to lose their sense of terroir.

His newest releases, the 2007 Barolos, are I suspect the best I have tasted at this estate. There appears to be all of the character that these wines are known for, but perhaps a greater sense of elegance and hightoned fruit.  And this refers to the Barberas and Dolcettos as well.  In this short video, we asked Luciano what, if anything, might be changing at this great Barolo estate.