Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Teso La Monja named Spanish Winery of the Year 2013

Posted by Julian Campbell, Buyer
Teso La Monja, the Eguren Family's Toro property, has been awarded the Penin Guide 2013 "Best Winery of the Year" award.  Here's what they said...

"October 26, 2012, Madrid. - The Penin Guide 2013 has awarded 'Teso La Monja'- 'Best Winery of the Year', during the award ceremony held last Friday in Madrid which closed “Peñín XIII, a presentation of the Best Wines of Spain”. The award honors the winery for having placed three of its wines - 'Victorino', 'Alabaster' and 'Teso La Monja'-on the podium of exceptional wines of Spain, with a score above 95 points.
The award is, according to the Penin Guide, "a recognition of the merit of maintaining  high quality in a variety of brands."  'Teso La Monja' was competing alongside, Bodegas Barbadillo (DO Jerez), Bodegas Artadi (DOCa. Rioja) and Sierra Cantabria (DOCa Rioja) another of the Eguren Family’s wineries

Founded in 2007, 'Teso La Monja' represents a new era for the Eguren Family.  Having arrived in the area of Toro 15 years ago with Numanthia Termes, the family of grape growers have now established and positioned their new wines, “Romancio, Almirez, Victorino, Alabaster and new born Teso La Monja on the podium of the most representative wines from our country” says Peñín
According to the editorial team of the Penin Guide, "The winery's skill is such, that even in difficult vintages, they are able to position their wines as the most rated of the appellation, showing a path of territorial identification and understanding of vineyard.  This serves as an example for new creators coming to Toro, seeking to capture the expressiveness and authenticity of the Tinta de Toro variety."